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How to manage WHM packages and accounts

Read these articles to learn how to administer WebHost Manager accounts, packages, and feature lists.

Managing WHM packages

Before you can create a customer account in WebHost Manager, you must first create a package. A package is a collection of predefined settings for an account. Learn how to set up packages in this article.

Managing WHM accounts

After you have created at least one package in WebHost Manager, you can create an account. Learn how to create, modify, and delete accounts here.

Using the WHM Feature Manager

The WebHost Manager Feature Manager allows you to control which feature icons your customers see when they log in to their cPanel accounts.

Account suspension

WebHost Manager gives you complete control over the suspension of your customer accounts. For example, you may want to suspend an account that exceeds bandwidth usage limits or violates the terms of service.

Password management

You can use WebHost Manager to force users to change their passwords the next time they log in. You can also change users' passwords yourself, which may be necessary if they forget their password or an account has been compromised.

Managing account bandwidth and disk usage

You can manage your customers' bandwidth and disk usage. Learn how here.

Using a subdomain as an account’s primary domain

There may be times when you want to use a subdomain as an account's primary domain. This article has you covered.

Migrating an addon domain to its own cPanel account

You can migrate an existing addon domain to its own separate cPanel account. Learn how here.

Using skeleton files to provide default content for customer accounts

By default, when you create new customer accounts, the public_html and public_ftp directories are empty. However, you can use "skeleton" files to provide default content that is copied automatically to these directories. Learn how here.

Two-factor authentication for resellers in WHM

This guide covers how to set up and manage two-factor authentication for resellers in WHM.