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How To Setup Customer Support Requests In WHM

This article describes how to use WebHost Manager to configure how customer support requests are handled.

Configuring customer support requests

You can use WebHost Manager specify how customers should contact you with support requests. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. On the WebHost Manager home screen, click Support, and then click Configure Customer Contact.
  2. If you just want to provide contact information to your customers for support-related incidents, click Display Contact Information. Enter contact information for the departments that you want. You can add contact information for Support, Billing, and Sales departments.
  3. If you want users to be able to submit support requests to you through their cPanel accounts, click Submit Request to Email or URL. There are three ways to process support requests:
    • You can route requests to a URL (for example, a web form).
    • You can route requests to an e-mail address. You can also specify the information to include in the message's subject line, such as the customer's IP address, domain name, and more.
    • You can route requests to a program for further processing.
  4. Click Save Changes. Now when your customers click the Submit a Support Request icon in cPanel, it uses the contact method you specified.