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How To Setup SSL On PrestaShop

This article describes how to enable SSL for a PrestaShop site. As an e-commerce provider, you should use SSL to help protect customer data and transactions.

This article assumes that you already have a valid, functioning SSL certificate installed on your web site. If you do not have an SSL certificate for your site yet, please see our SSL certificate options or use Let's Encrypt certificates available with most accounts.

Enabling SSL for PrestaShop

To enable SSL for PrestaShop, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to PrestaShop as the administrator.
  2. On the left sidebar, click Preferences, and then click General.
  3. Next to Enable SSL, click Please click here to check if your shop supports HTTPS.
    If the SSL test for your shop succeeds, the Enable SSL field displays YES and NO options, and the URL in the browser address bar starts with https://. Alternatively, if you receive a warning message (or any other type of error message) after the test, your site either does not have an SSL certificate installed, or it is configured incorrectly.
  4. To enable SSL for customer account logins and order processing, next to Enable SSL, click YES.
  5. To enable SSL for all of the pages on your PrestaShop site, next to Enable SSL on all pages, click YES.
  6. Click Save. SSL is now enabled for PrestaShop.
    After enabling SSL, you and your customers may receive browser warnings about insecure content. This occurs when a secure page loads embedded resources insecurely using http:// instead of https://. (Custom themes are a common cause of this problem.) For information about how to resolve issues with insecure content, please see this article.

Using Let's Encrypt with PrestaShop

Using an SSL certificate from a recognized Certificate Authority is recommended for best results when enabling SSL for PrestaShop. Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority and is recognized by most modern browsers. Let's Encrypt is supported for all new A2 Hosting accounts and certificates may even be generated automatically for immediate use. For details regarding Let's Encrypt for your account type, please see the Related Articles below.

More Information

To view the official documentation for PrestaShop's SSL options, please visit