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Using external SMTP servers to send e-mail

You may want to use an external SMTP server (such as those provided by Google or Mandrill) to send e-mail messages from your A2 Hosting account.

However, if you have one of the following hosting packages, you cannot use external SMTP servers to send e-mail:

  • Web hosting (Lite, Swift, or Turbo)
  • Reseller hosting

For these hosting packages, you must use A2 Hosting servers to send e-mail messages. A2 Hosting enforces this restriction to help prevent outgoing spam from our servers. It only takes one user sending spam from a shared server to negatively impact e-mail for all of that server's users.

All other hosting packages are not subject to this restriction, so you can freely send e-mail messages through external SMTP servers. These hosting packages include:

  • Managed VPS
  • Managed Flex Dedicated Server
  • All unmanaged hosting packages